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Porzella  njGerma  ny

           The Brand

           Holst Porzellan/Germany

           Since  1947 our name is closely linked with Porcelain
           and Tableware. Between 1955 and 1970 our products
           were mainly branded

           and later Winterling,  Schwarzenbach, Kirchenlamitz,
           Röslau, Marktleuthen and Eschenbach Porcelain. Since
           1998  our  products  are  now  branded  "Holst
           PorzellanjGermany"  under  the  slogan  "Simple  &

           Our products are weil shaped in design and function,
           have a  long-term availability warranty and can easily
           be combined with any item of our collection as weil as
           items  from  other  manufacturers  producing  white
           porcelain. Not cheesy but good value, not perfect but
           efficient. Not unique but reliable.

           This is how we understand "Simple & Strong".

           Our  latest  collection  HPll  represents  about  4.000
           items and ideas in porcelain. Our trademark is one of
           the most important  brands in  the German speaking
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