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                  and Cooperation

           The    structure   of   distribution   of   Holst
           PorzellanjGermany is based on collaborations with                                                             J
           resellers. As a  medium-sized business we rely on
           fair and long-term business relationships. Therefore                                                          I
           it goes without saying that we support our resellers
           to the best of our knowledge by providing helpful
           services such as imparting product knowledge and
           detailed  material science or  providing  innovative
           merchandising and of course prices in  line with                                                           .~
           market requirements.
           There are 15 good reasons why to cooperate with
           Holst PorzellanjGermany wh ich show that our work
           is completely dedicated to satisfying the needs of
           our partners and resellers. Holst PorzellanjGermany
           is only available at qualified resellers.
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